"Free Resource Guide: How to Master Asking for What you Need
(so people say yes!)"

Bottom line, you don't need to lose money. AND you don't need the headaches and energy drain that happens when you have to start your project over...and over. If you're tired of hearing, "NO," or if you hear "YES," but you end up let down because people don't follow through, or if they follow through but it falls short of your expectations, you need this guide to add some STEAM to your requests.

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If you want to master sales, negotiations, contracts and other complex business conversations you must first Master Asking for What you Need.

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This guide maps out the step-by-step process for how to ask for what you need - so people say yes! The more you get comfortable asking for what you want, the more other people get comfortable responding.

Whether you need funding or a project completed or a new team member (and yes, this process even works in your personal life) you'll find your success easier when you master "The ASK."