To be a creative age leader…

To be a leader in today’s lightning fast world of innovation, creativity, cutting edge technology and rapid growth you need to be a different kind of person than what was required a decade ago. You can’t afford to sit back and wait. But the push-push-push […]

The Failure of Smart People

You’ve been successful at most things you try, right? Whether it was in sports or fitness, career, marriage, crafts…whatever you set your mind to, you made it happen. Now you have this new idea. And it’s probably really brilliant. And you could turn it into […]

5 Keys to a Top-Tier Virtual Team

Is this your view from the front line? “I have been part of a virtual team for the last 2 years. We have our web developer in Los Angeles, USA; our lead graphic designer is in Vancouver, Canada with his own team located throughout the […]