Duck Convention – Day 2

So, ZigDog and I were such a hit at the Unconventional Convention last week,  we returned for another day. When we arrived, the ducks were milling around. I believe they were on a networking break. They mallards were swimming with no purpose. The American Coots had […]

An unconventional convention

I got invited to a convention today. It was an unconventional convention. And an unplanned unconventional convention at that. I was walking ZigDog by our favorite watering hole…a tidal pool that is nestled into one of the many nooks and crannies of the Northern California […]

A Bullying Quandry

I was cruising Facebook today checking out what friends were up to, reading various articles on the newest Cat Fads and basically procrastinating website updates because I find them overwhelming. As my mind was about to explode from the pressure of not doing what I […]