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Camp Cause And Success
The Only Leadership Summit in a Summer Camp Setting!

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3.5 Days in the Mountains...With Creative Business Leaders
No Titles. No Hashtags. No Worries.

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Get Curious. Stay Connected. Be Confident.

Why Camp CAS Leadership Summit is for you!

Camp CAS Leadership Summit is for today's business leader who knows there is a new way to do business (or maybe an ancient way that we apply to today's fast paced environment).

It's for today's entrepreneur and start-up founder who feels like she's swimming up stream - all day, every day - but believes in herself enough to keep going (and would like a little support now and then).

It's for today's soloist/solopreneur who often likes to work alone, but doesn't want to BE alone.

It's for today's generation of "do it my way-ers" who crave being around people smarter so they can learn; yearn to share their own knowledge to help others succeed; who want to bring their current skills and passions to camp, but are willing to challenge themselves to learn to master a new realm of business, too.

Camp CAS is for all Movers...Shakers...Business Rule Breakers (or wannabe rule breakers) who are willing to see life in a new perspective because they know that is where true innovation is born. Camp CAS is for YOU!

What you'll get from being at Camp CAS...

At Camp CAS you’ll remember how to get better results with less effort.

  • CREATE Results...not just absorb more information.
  • Ignite your influence so you can fast track buy-in to ideas, run effective brainstorming sessions and empower others to take action
  • Use the skills you’ve ALREADY have to challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone to master new levels of leadership
  • Learn who you are (the nature of your real self), including the fears and behaviors that derail you, and the wired-in strategies for claiming and fulfilling your life.
  • And...this all happens outdoors, with some hands-on creativity, swimming, archery and arts and crafts. It's A Summer Camp Business Leadership Summit!

Heather Furby, Founder and Camp Director, could not take another "business as usual" leadership conference in an air-conditioned hotel. She knows you were not born to sit behind a computer taking notes about inspiration and leadership - only to have no idea how to implement once you get back to "real life".

She developed Camp CAS (Camp Cause and Success) Leadership Summit as a hands-on, activity driven and safe-to-experiment environment so that you can experience your unique style of leadership - without the pressure of day-to-day management of your team, business or life.

She now brings 20 years of success in business, including starting two companies, BodyLogic Health and Cause And Success, a division of Creative Age Leadership, Inc, which she started with her husband, Alan Repech. Heather knows first hand the struggle, depression and feelings of failure that ensue when we focus too much on the HOW-TO's of business and forget about the WHO-DOES. short...she decided to merge experiential teaching of business strategies and tactics with the entrepreneurial vision and spirit of leadership and thus...Camp CAS was born.

Why other leaders said YES to Cause And Success...

Build on the skills you already have...see new results

Camp CAS (Camp Cause and Success) is a 3 1/2 day experiential event - a leadership summit but set in...SUMMER CAMP! It is designed to help leaders like you overcome the FEUDs (Fears, Exhaustion, Uncertainties and Doubts) you face as you build on your dreams.

  • A 3.5 day blend of perfection...

    Camp CAS is mix of new adventures and ideas; a dollop of personal growth to support your business growth; a splash of tools and strategies to move your idea into action; and an extra-large helping of life-time friendships.

  • 3.5 days of choice...

    Camp CAS is the freedom to choose from creative activities, business skill seminars, personal growth introspection, or watching the grass grow – all designed to help you feel like you’re back in the driver’s seat of life.

  • 3.5 days of vital connections...

    Make connections to people on a mission, to people who are shaking up the way we think, to people dedicated to BEING the change. Maybe some of them are even on your next team?

  • 3.5 days of LeadershipHackathon

    Camp CAS is your opportunity to re-connect, re-invent, re-structure, re-member your core pieces and parts and put them back together in the way you always dreamed.

It's NOT a bootcamp.
It's NOT a networking event.
It's NOT speakers trying to sell their stuff.
It's NOT merely random play (OK...there's some of that).

Camp CAS is a highly creative and experiential leadership UNconference. You are able to take what you already know and use those skills to help you step outside your comfort zone of leadership so that you can practice building business in a new way. You will be empowered and inspired to challenge yourself in new creative activities, artistic expression and break-through business building practices.

Camp CAS is a Summer Camp for adults. A place to get outside of your everyday routine and rediscover your true nature of curiosity and sense of wonder, to guide yourself toward greater success and a life that does not require "balance" because you pursue your dreams and passions in a way that is authentic to who you are meant to be.

Camp CAS is a leadership conference for adults who crave both professional AND personal growth and just don't like the traditional hotel conferences. We offer Campers a chance to unique 3 1/2 day experience that is designed to inspire, increase innovation, encourage collaboration and community, and grow your success.

Speakers and Core Team that said YES to Camp CAS...

Jenn Morgan

Radically Distinct -

Jenn Morgan is a brand management expert and creative business tactician. She co-founded Radically Distinct to help her clients translate ideas into emotionally resonate messages, increase personal and team efficacy and design measurable customer and employee engagement programs. In her spare time, Jenn works out her confidence muscles as a stand up comedienne and builds her storytelling skills as a member of the Half Sister improvisational theater team.

Alex Iglecia

Being Epic -

Alex Iglecia, MA, a former NASA Engineer and born-again Ninja turned Mind-Body Expert and Impact Alchemist, empowers speakers, leaders and dreamers to have the energy to step out in the world and the clarity to NOT QUIT. Specifically he helps smart people overcome their biggest blocks and barriers so they can give their deepest gifts with joy. The essence of his message is "Thanks for being epic" because you already are.

Jake Tuschinski


Jake Tuschinski, owner of Divinitatis Consulting, is California’s no-nonsense leadership consultant, certified life coach and keynote speaker with a knack for telling it like it is. Her areas of expertise include life balance, leadership, success motivation, meeting management, networking with strong relationship outcomes and communication skills. She's bringing her award winning skills and spirit to Camp CAS this year to help you have a deeper understanding of your competitive edge - and how we can bring that with happiness to all we do.

Booo! No Rules! No Rules! OK...we have FIVE “strongly encouraged norms that, if not followed, may result in you going home early.” How’s THAT for modern day parenting?

  • #Hashtag Free

    #Hashtag Free means there is no social media. In fact, you can check your phone, tablets and other devices in the Decompression Zone. There is no cell coverage or wifi at camp anyway so it’s a perfect excuse to unplug. #Hashtag Free allows you to feel safe because no picture of you with a painted face, clown nose or leading the kazoo symphony parade will be posted. No reputation management needed at Camp CAS.

  • Title Free

    Title Free Environment means you get to drop your title at the door. We level the playing field at Camp CAS. You are free to be who you are, not what your title dictates you are supposed to be. In business, we rely a lot on titles and labels and we get accustomed to having them provide automatic positioning and status. But they also limit us. What is a CEO supposed to act like? What happens if I’m a Founder but my business is new…will people think I’m a failure? What if I’m an entry level admin but I know I am really worth more? Will people ever see me for ME?

    Title Free Environment allows you to let all success and failure drop away. And after all…is a Marketing Manager inherently better than a CTO at “Mermaid Tag?” We don’t think so.

  • Drug and Alcohol Free*

    Yes. We get we are all adults and a cocktail or cold beer can be a nice addition to your day. But we are Drug and Alcohol Free at Camp CAS. It allows you to really see who you are without the aid of any substance. It means you can dive into your true joys, passions, fears and obstacles without the filter of drugs or alcohol.

    *We understand that some people use prescription medications. We’re talking drugs of the non-legal kind. We also know that some people can’t quit smoking overnight. While we encourage you to cut back, we will offer limited designated smoking areas away from the rest of camp.

  • Age Free

    Age Free is just as it sounds. No talking about how old and wise you are, nor how young and full of energy, or how old and full of energy, nor young and wise…you get it. We often judge people by age and in truth, it just doesn’t matter. We cringe when we hear “Oh,  you’re so young…you don’t have to worry about that…” or “You have so many years of experience, you must be an expert.” So, at Camp CAS…we drop age. We just ask that you’re over 18 (there’s a legal part to that…)

  • FOMO Free

    FOMO is Fear Of Missing Out. It drives so many decisions. Are we going toward what we want or just scared of missing out on the party. It usually holds us back so…we’re FOMO Free. This means that at Camp CAS you are always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing with the right people. How right is that?

The day (optionally) starts with early morning activities to help you feel aligned and awake like Yoga, Tai Chi, Sweat Equity or Meditation….perhaps painting a pet rock for the artistic bodies.

You’ll head to breakfast and then choose from a full day of keynote talks, interactive workshops, gatherings and activities (arts and crafts, archery, puppet shows!). You can participate in anything or nothing. Some Campers like to kick back poolside with a book or take a snooze in one of the many shady, secret spots among the pine trees.

Each morning, Heather Furby, Camp CAS Founder, will kick off the day with a conversation about moving into a deeper awareness of your definition of success and who you need to be to cause that success to happen.

The evenings come to a close with celebrations, ceremonies and s’mores at the campfire - usually with a more intimate conversation with one of the many thought-leaders who are also attending camp.

Are you interested in leading a workshop or have a story to share? The first step is to register for camp. Then we’ll let you know about workshop opportunities and you can let your brain start creating!

100% Risk FREE - you have nothing to lose!

Heather Furby, Founder of Camp CAS

I am confident you'll get what you need to boost your leadership. If you tell us by the end of the first breakfast that want to go home, we'll refund 100% of your money - no questions asked. I stand by you and camp.

Register today - here is what you get:

  • 3 nights lodging - more than a tent, less than a lodge
  • All meals - upscale camp cooking (attention to all dietary needs)
  • 3 1/2 days of activities, workshops, playshops and experience
  • Access to Cause And Success Programs
  • Stories and songs from the campfire
  • Vital connections, friends for life...


  • Shake up and break up your thinking to become a role model for open and effective business communication.
  • Learn how to rally your "second energy" so you handle yourself with poise in any situation; including the ones we try to avoid.
  • Increase your ability to influence others and drive strategy forward.
  • Experience inside-out transformation that inspires bold innovation in yourself and your team.
  • Learn to bring out your UNIQUE leadership style - not just how to mimic the people in the news

This is transformative work! I have additional passion to move forward with my mission in life.

P Sulak

...[this] is three-years-worth of leadership training in three days!

Alex Iglecia

Camp CAS is sponsored by:

Creative Age Leadership and Cause And Success

and supported by:

  • Q.When Should I arrive at Camp?

    A.Camp Registration opens at 3pm on Thursday September 10, 2015. Dinner will be served at 6:30pm. We really want you to arrive as close to 3pm as you can because then you have time to settle in, create a pet rock, not talk about what you DO in the world and start BEING the person you BE.

    The gates close at 9pm so you must be in camp before 9pm on Sept 10 – NO EXCEPTIONS. If you arrive after 9pm and the gates are closed, you will need to find a place to stay in town – and we’ll tell you now, Nevada City and Grass Valley are really cute towns but neither have many last minute places to stay.

  • Q.What if I can't arrive until late? or on Friday?

    A.Please see above. Camp gates will close at 9pm on Thursday so you must arrive before that.

    We really encourage you to do what it takes to arrive Thursday. However, life happens. We will open the gates at 7:30am on Friday and have a chance to register between 7:30am and 9am. Then Camp is Closed! Really. For reals.

  • Q.When does Camp end?

    A.We’ll wrap up on Sunday just before lunch time – which at Camp is about 12:30-ish. There WILL be lunch served if you want to stay, but the formal program is over. We ask that people are prepared to leave the camp by 2pm.

  • Q.Where will I sleep? (Lodging)

    A.We’ll be rockin’ the cabin sleepovers! There are heated cabins, outdoor cabins and a few have one bathroom inside for the late night needs. Each village has 3-4 cabins and each cabin will have 7-10 people. Each cabin as one single bathroom and a shared bath house just outside – with a boys side and a girls side.

    Del Oro bunks   Del Oro Cabin Steps

  • Q.Can I sleep with my partner/spouse?

    A.Well…yes or no. Girls will be in one village and boys in another. So, if your partner is the same sex as you, you may be in the same village, but you’ll likely be in separate cabins. Different sex couples will not be in the same cabin or village.

    However, we really encourage you to NOT be with your partner because we can easily get into patterns of judging ourselves or our partner and that sort of defeats the purpose of camp.

  • Q.What do I need to bring?

    A.We’ll send a complete packing list once you register, but you will need to bring bedding, towels, comfy clothing, swim clothes and camp-stuff – flashlights, costumes that move your spirit, stuff to give to your new friends, books you’ve been meaning to read…

  • Q.What is the food like?

    A.It’s called “upscale camp food”. There is a full kitchen staff and chef on site and they are very excited to create menus for adults after a long summer of kid campers. There will be options for all eating needs and we’ll be collecting that information from you after registration. We plan the food to be equal to or better than what you’d eat on a quick night out…and…it’s Camp! There is always dessert. That said…be flexible?

  • Q.Can I request to be with my friends...always?

    A.Yes…but…do you really want to? There is absolutely a place to request a bunk or cabin mate. We still encourage you to let the universe take charge and put you in the right cabin with the right people…but we totally get the sleepovers are even more fun with your buddies so request away!

  • Q.Do you need volunteers?

    A.Yes, please! If you are so moved to volunteer at camp, we can reduce your tuition accordingly. (That means, the more work you want to do, the less you pay). Specifically, we need a few photographers, some activity set up/clean up people, a couple cabin counselors, some pre-camp communicators, sound technicians, musicians, artists to make signs…or what do you have to offer? Let’s be transparent…this is our first year at Camp CAS so we’re willing to play and looking for creators to play with. Contact us for more information on volunteering.

  • Q.What are the camp rules?

    A.Booo! No Rules! No Rules! OK…we have a FIVE “strongly encourages norms that, if not followed, may result in you going home early.” How’s THAT for modern day parenting?

    #Hashtag Free Zone
    Title Free Zone
    Drugs and Alcohol Free Zone
    Age Free Free
    FOMO Free Zone

    Click here to read these “Rules” as explained above.

  • Q.More answers coming soon...

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