No luggage for you…

OK – I have a funny story (now that it’s over). Last week I traveled to Hilton Head, SC for a meeting with some of my business colleagues and our mentor.
It was a 3-leg trip and I had…oh, about 12 minutes to connect to each new flight. I definitely got my exercise running through the various airports, lugging my computer bag, dropping notebooks and trying to pick up food along the way since airplanes seem to think it unnecessary to serve more than salty pretzels (and beer – thank goodness!).
When I arrived in Hilton Head, the six of us passengers wandered off the twin-prop plane an into the small terminal. We headed to the baggage claim area and it seemed I was the only tourist on the flight.
“Here you go, Jim,” said the ticketing agent turned luggage department.
“See you next time, Sarah!” he exclaimed.
“Thanks, Johnny!”
“No clubs this time, Richard?”
“OK, that’s all,” he smiled as he closed the metal roll up door.
And I just stood there. In my torn travel jeans and my SF Giants World Series shirt…with my computer bag with the notebooks shoved in crooked, sideways and bent.
I felt deflated. I was supposed to attend a business gathering for the next 3 days. And there was nothing business-like about my current state of attire.”
I’ll spare all the details, but suffice to say they included running outside to ask the only taxi guy to wait while I found the luggage department turned ticketing agent again; waving good-night to the pilot and flight attendants; filling out paperwork and circling “looks sort of like my bag” pictures; and the next 24 hours in the same ripped jeans, World Series shirt…and socks.
Fast forward 24 hours when I walked into my hotel room to see my luggage. I danced! and laughed! and almost cried! I tried on 2 clean outfits just to decide if I wanted to sleep in one that night.
I was so excited to have my luggage back.
And then I paused and remember a story a spiritual teacher taught me years ago about about a woman who thought she lost her wallet and was overcome with happiness when she was re-united with it.
And I thought to myself, “Self…why am I not this happy EVERY day I have my luggage? Why don’t I dance and laugh EVERY morning when I wake up to a closet of clothes?”
OK, possibly because I’d be admitted to a safely padded room with 3 meals a day, but really – why am I not THIS GRATEFUL every day? Why wait to lose what I have before I realize the importance of it?
I guess I do it because I’m human and I learn to get comfortable in my surroundings. So, I’ve decided to BE THAT CRAZY and grateful every day. At least for a while. Until I forget again.
picture of a marmot on mt. whitney
I wanted to share this story with you…just because. I thought it was funny. And maybe we can all help the people we know be a little more grateful for what we have today.
And also, here is a picture of a Marmot…on top of Mt. Whitney.
Until next time…Get Curious. Stay Connected. Be Confident.

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