An unconventional convention

I got invited to a convention today. It was an unconventional convention. And an unplanned unconventional convention at that.

I was walking ZigDog by our favorite watering hole…a tidal pool that is nestled into one of the many nooks and crannies of the Northern California Bay Area. The sun was playing hide and seek among the low fog that is so typical of this area. This kind of weather means the birds are out in full force because food must be plentiful as the worms, bugs and small fish enjoy the cool mornings.

And suddenly a fluttering WOOSH came by overhead. Followed by a SPLASH and a cacophony of squawks, quacks and honks. And we were in the middle of a Duck Convention. ZigDog and I were in charge of the product launch!

The ducks had a quick organizational meeting. “OK, Mallards with green heads, over to the left, please. Brown mallards in the middle. If you could please be quiet we could move this along faster. I want you all to look around. We all look alike today so that you can easily spot your support groups. These are your fellow ducks that will be flying with you. Please stay in formation because you represent the Duck Company. Ahhh…here come the late arrivals. The seagulls are going to join us for a bit today. Thanks for getting here, guys.”

“We have a special guest for you today…It’s important to get us flying in the right direction so with no further ado, I introduce to you…ZigDog!”

And it turns out he didn’t need an introduction. He knew exactly what he was there for…POINT! EARS FORWARD! CHARGE! fly, ducks, fly! Head SOUTH!

And so I had to wonder, what is it that I am here for? What is the thing I do that I am so certain of that I don’t have to think about it? What is yours?

Thanks for inviting me to the Unconventional Convention today, Ducks. I’ll see you again next year!

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