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Women's Leadership Summit - Female Founders Camp

April 7 - 10, 2016                        Nevada City, CA

Volunteers Needed for Camp Cause And Success (CAS)

Camp CAS Leadership Summits are made possible by the support of a larger community. We look for a few dedicated individuals who are willing to give a few extra hours to support their fellow leaders. In exchange, we waive the tuition and fees to attend Camp. For more information about CampCAS, please visit our main page.

Request for Volunteers

Please fill out the following application for a volunteer position at the Camp CAS Leadership Summit.

If you are accepted as a volunteer, you will get to fully participate in the all of the workshops, discussions and activities at the Summit. Since you are willing to help before, during or after Camp, we will waive the workshop fee. However, you will still need to cover room and board costs of approximately $395.

Please fill out this application if you are willing and able to invest in your leadership and we are thrilled to have you at Camp CAS!

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Volunteer During Camp CAS

Cabin Counselor - Cabin Counselors are able to fully participate in camp, but they have the extra responsibility to make sure that campers know the daily schedule and are available to answer any questions. Counselors will be the first to jump in to lead a song or help fill down time at camp. They will show campers how maturity easily blends with excitement. The Camp environment and pushing leadership skills can trigger discomfort. Cabin Counselors should be able to hold a hand or give a hug without feeling sorry for or trying to fix the other person. Counselors may also be asked to help out with various duties around camp that will not drastically interfere with your ability to participate in camp. This combines easily with Set-Up, Clean-up and Welcome Teams.

Camp Store - Take a shift at the camp store! We have a small camp store that sells minimal snacks, Camp attire and books. This requires you to do basic math, but no need to handle money. You may need to answer questions about camp or give basic directions as well.

Music - Are you waiting to share your musical talents? We want you at camp! We love wandering minstrels, singer/songwriters, performers for campfire. We have limited electrical ability so you should plan on mostly acoustic or light amplification (may have to bring your own). There is also opportunities to lead a workshop or two on song writing, finding your voice or other creative aspect of sound.

Audio/Video Technician - Hey Techies! This is for you. Run the basic video and sound systems for camp activities that require mic and amplification. We have basic needs, but you will be so valuable because who likes presenters that have to yell?

Artistic, Creatives, Makers - Have a talent to share? We need help making signs and posters before camp. We also welcome makers who want to donate their talents for things like An Activity Board, Giant Jenga, Spin the Wheel Activities - and anything that makes Camp...Camp! There is also an opportunity to lead arts or crafts workshops at camp.


General Camp Help

Welcome Registration Team - Help campers check-in to camp, find their cabins and get set on activities. The welcome team greets campers with outrageous enthusiasm and heartfelt excitement so that all campers, new and returning, are able to make the transition from work world to camp world. This combines well with Cabin Counselor or Set-Up Teams.

Set-up - Arrive early and help set up welcome activities, signs and meditation tents. This will include lunch on the first day of camp and is a perfect job to combine with Cabin Counselor or Welcome Team - or if you plan to come to the mountains a few days early to really enjoy the scenery.

Clean-up - Stay a little later (2 hours max) and help pack up the crafts, activities and signs. This is a fun way to get to know some of the core team and “let loose” to really play after camp is over. Perfect if you plan on spending some time in the mountains after camp to really soak in the beauty.

Aid to Camp Director and other speakers - This is a general position which requires you to be a flexible problem solver. Speakers and the camp director will look to you to help get people to meals, to make sure campfires are lit and extinguished, to help set up field games or run get a binder or notes left behind. You will fully participate in camp, and have an extra special right-hand relationship with the speakers and core team.


Outside of Camp CAS

These positions require a bit more time and skill so in return you receive a full camp scholarship.

Pre-camp communications - PR/Marketing/Camper Communications - If you are well connected, have an influential network or love writing we would love your help spreading the love of our leadership summits. Examples of what you bring to the table: press release writing and distribution among your active network, value content writing and distribution among your followers, social media sharing among your influential network - we’re open to your creative input. If you have people that listen - we think that camp is something worth talking about!

Post-camp events (trade show booths, workshop helpers) - Camp is just the beginning. After camp we love to sponsor other events or hold smaller events that are like mini-camps. Yes, we also have a “real business” of courses and workshops that help people like you embody leadership and clear obstacles to success. We’d love your help at booths or supporting participants at other workshops. *to help at some workshops requires an additional investment

Volunteer Coordinator/Head Counselor - This position is active at camp as well as before and after. The person will actively recruit volunteer applicants, communicate with potential volunteers to assess needs and abilities and recommend positions to the Camp Director (who will be responsible for final placement). During camp, the Head Counselor will fully participate in camp, but be available to answer questions of other volunteers or point them to the Event Coordinator for further instruction. After camp, the Head Counselor will connect with each volunteer to get feedback and make recommendations for future volunteer needs.

What is Camp CAS Women's Edition? A conference or summer camp?

It's NOT a bootcamp.
It's NOT a networking event.
It's NOT speakers selling their stuff.
It's NOT a Vacation. It's NOT a fancy spa day.

It's an Experiential Leadership Summit.

Even the BEST Women's Leadership Conferences today follow the old format of Teach and Take Notes - Keynotes and Panels - Network and Get Inspired. And there is nothing wrong with the format, but it does not help YOU learn the finer aspects of YOUR leadership. And in today's business environment, we need so much more than to be inspired by Other Peoples Successes (OPS).

The world does not need more Leaders who know about Leadership. We need leaders who embody their message and mission so that they can lead us through times of uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity. This type of leadership is not taught. It's learned. It's studied. It's experienced.

Camp CAS - Women's Edition is designed to build on your success. This is not just a touchy-feely, feel good cheerleading fest. Camp is here to help you challenge yourself to your next level of success - however you choose to define that.

Our Focus for Camp CAS - Women's Edition to build bridges between the "how-to's" (strategy and tactics) of business with the "who-does" (that's you!). We are committed to changing the conversation about "Women in Business" from merely spouting disparaging facts and figures to helping you master the navigation of your own business or career so that you can make the impact you are here to make. To that end, we design Camp CAS to be a mixture of business development and personal growth and leadership.

What others say about Cause And Success:

This past weekend I got to participate in one of the most rewarding events of my entire life! Camp CAS! I have so much gratitude for Heather Furby and her incredible vision and for all the participants.

Hilary Hodge - Exec Director Sierra Commons Business Ignitor

We learned about new and different ways to be a leader, to express our leadership, and actually experience it as well. Not just learn about it, but also actually apply it. It’s something I can take with me right into my teams and others I work with immediately.

Andy Sulak - Director

This is three years of leadership training in 3 days!...The guru-problem-solution model of learning will continue to have its place but for many of us, is clearly on the way out. The community-collaboration-open-space model where everyone is a contributing leader and things are made and bonds are formed and we all want more - that future is emerging now.

Alex Iglecia Being Epic

Some events send you home ready to change your life. Some simply change your life. Truly unique and high-level leadership conversation and immersion... There's no way I can sum it up so you'll just have to take the leap and go for yourself next year.

Dana Furby Strong is Free with Dana

This is a fabulous experience. It has expanded and shifted me in very deep ways. I can’t say enough how important it is to everyone to have this experience to really work on themselves and come to a stronger, better understanding of who they are and their place in the world.

Margaret Farman - Exec Director UCP North Bay

When I got the email about Camp Cause And Success, I immediately emailed and said, "I'm IN!" The idea of fun as a crucial ingredient to a successful business and life is one that has been on my learning curve for awhile now...

Jennifer Lacy

A Day in the Life...Sample Schedule and Activities

The day (optionally) starts with early morning activities to help you feel aligned and awake like Yoga, Tai Chi, Sweat Equity or Meditation….perhaps painting a pet rock for the artistic bodies.

You’ll head to breakfast and then choose from a full day of keynote talks, interactive workshops, gatherings and activities (arts and crafts, archery, puppet shows!). You can participate in anything or nothing. Some Campers like to kick back poolside with a book or take a snooze in one of the many shady, secret spots among the pine trees.

Each morning, Heather Furby, Camp CAS Founder, will kick off the day with a conversation about moving into a deeper awareness of your definition of success and who you need to be to cause that success to happen.

The evenings come to a close with celebrations, ceremonies and s’mores at the campfire - usually with a more intimate conversation with one of the many thought-leaders who are also attending camp.

Are you interested in leading a workshop or have a story to share? The first step is to register for camp. Then we’ll let you know about workshop opportunities and you can let your brain start creating!

Are there any rules at Camp?

Booo! No Rules! No Rules! OK...we have FIVE “strongly encouraged norms that, if not followed, may result in you going home early.” How’s THAT for modern day parenting?

  • #Hashtag Free

    #Hashtag Free means there is no social media. In fact, you can check your phone, tablets and other devices in the Decompression Zone. There is no cell coverage or wifi at camp anyway so it’s a perfect excuse to unplug. #Hashtag Free allows you to feel safe because no picture of you with a painted face, clown nose or leading the kazoo symphony parade will be posted. No reputation management needed at Camp CAS.

  • Title Free

    Title Free Environment means you get to drop your title at the door. We level the playing field at Camp CAS. You are free to be who you are, not what your title dictates you are supposed to be. In business, we rely a lot on titles and labels and we get accustomed to having them provide automatic positioning and status. But they also limit us. What is a CEO supposed to act like? What happens if I’m a Founder but my business is new…will people think I’m a failure? What if I’m an entry level admin but I know I am really worth more? Will people ever see me for ME?

    Title Free Environment allows you to let all success and failure drop away. And after all…is a Marketing Manager inherently better than a CTO at “Mermaid Tag?” We don’t think so.

  • Drug and Alcohol Free*

    Yes. We get we are all adults and a cocktail or cold beer can be a nice addition to your day. But we are Drug and Alcohol Free at Camp CAS. It allows you to really see who you are without the aid of any substance. It means you can dive into your true joys, passions, fears and obstacles without the filter of drugs or alcohol.

    *We understand that some people use prescription medications. This rule applies to drugs of the non-legal kind. We also know that some people can’t quit smoking overnight. While we encourage you to cut back, we will offer limited designated smoking areas away from the rest of camp. And we do believe strongly in coffee. Strong Coffee.

  • Age Free

    Age Free is just as it sounds. No talking about how old and wise you are, nor how young and full of energy, or how old and full of energy, nor young and wise…you get it. We often judge people by age and in truth, it just doesn’t matter. We cringe when we hear “Oh,  you’re so young…you don’t have to worry about that…” or “You have so many years of experience, you must be an expert.” So, at Camp CAS…we drop age. We just ask that you’re over 18 (there’s a legal part to that…)

  • FOMO Free

    FOMO is Fear Of Missing Out. It drives so many decisions. Are we going toward what we want or just scared of missing out on the party? It usually holds us back so…we’re FOMO Free. This means that at Camp CAS you are always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing with the right people. How right is that?

Frequently Asked Questions
(And the answers)

Have A Question? We have answers.

When should I arrive at Camp? +

Camp Registration opens at 3pm on Thursday, April 7, 2015. Dinner will be served at 6:30pm. We really want you to arrive as close to 3pm as you can because then you have time to settle in, create a pet rock, not talk about what you DO in the world and start BEING the person you BE.

We suggest you plan flights to arrive into Sacramento no later than 12 noon or Oakland no later than 10am.

What if I can't arrive until late Thursday or on Friday? +

We know life happens and you’re busy. We encourage you to do what it takes to arrive by 3pm on Thursday. However, if that is truly impossible, then let us know and we’ll do our best to arrange a late arrival. We do go to bed at a reasonable hour so if you can’t make it Thursday evening, you’ll most likely get to arrange a place to stay and come in early Friday AM.

When does Camp end? +

We’ll wrap up on Sunday just before lunch time – which at Camp is about 12:30-ish. There WILL be lunch served if you want to stay, but the formal program is over. We ask that people vacate the camp by 2pm.

We suggest you plan flights out of Sacramento after 4pm or Oakland after 6pm.

How do I get to Camp? +

There is parking for 40 vehicles at camp. We may also run a van or a bus from the Bay Area and Sacramento depending on needs. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in transportation. Send us an email.

Where will I sleep? (Lodging) +

We’ll be rockin’ the cabin sleepovers! There are heated cabins and a few cottage upgrades. Each village has 3-4 cabins and each cabin will have 7-10 campers. Each cabin as one single bathroom and a shared bath house just outside.

Del Oro Cabin StepsDel Oro bunks Del Oro Cabin

Can I sleep with my partner/spouse? +

This is a women’s camp. If you are registering with your partner or spouse, we encourage you to request separate cabins. It’s so easy to drop into out patterns of judging ourselves or our partner and that sort of defeats the purpose of camp. That said, we’re not going to force you to do or not do anything and camp IS more fun with people you know. So you can request and we'll do our best.

Can I request to be with my friends throughout Camp? +

Yes…but…do you really want to? There is a place to request a bunk or cabin mate during registration. We still encourage you to let the universe take charge and put you in the right cabin with the right people…but we totally get the sleepovers are even more fun with your buddies so request away!

What do I need to bring? +

We’ll send a complete packing list once you register, but you will need to bring bedding or sleeping bag (unless you upgrade to a cottage), towels, comfy clothing, swim clothes and camp-stuff – flashlights, costumes that move your spirit, stuff to give to your new friends, books you’ve been meaning to read…

What is the food like? +

It’s called “upscale camp food”. There is a full kitchen staff and chef on site and they are very excited to create menus for adults. There will be options for all eating needs and we’ll be collecting that information from you after registration. We plan the food to be equal to or better than what you’d eat on a quick night out. There is always dessert. That said…be flexible? It’s Camp!

What are the camp rules? +

Booo! No Rules! No Rules! OK…we have a FIVE “strongly encourages norms that, if not followed, may result in you going home early.” How’s THAT for modern day parenting?

#Hashtag Free Zone
Title Free Zone
Drugs and Alcohol Free Zone
Age Free Free
FOMO Free Zone

Click here to read these “Rules” as explained above.

Do you need volunteers? +

Yes, please! If you are so moved to volunteer at camp, we can reduce your tuition accordingly. (That means, the more work you want to do, the less you pay). Specifically, we need a few photographers, some activity set up/clean up people, a couple cabin counselors, some pre-camp communicators, sound technicians, musicians, artists to make signs…or what do you have to offer? Contact us for more information on volunteering.

More answers coming soon... +

Let us know if you have more questions and we’ll come up with more answers.

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