When it creeps towards complicated…

I am fascinated by how the world creeps toward complicated. It takes a vigilant watch to keep it simple – which seems against what we would want out of simplicity.

It's Complicated

This recently presented itself in my business as we were trying to put up a “quick” website for one of our projects. It wasn’t really needed (should have been our first clue to NOT do it!) but we went ahead with it. In order to NOT get distracted by a “simple” task, we outsourced it. Suddenly, we find ourselves 2.5 months later, a few thousand dollars spent, still no website, and some really confused and confusing people in our midst.

In hindsight, I see where we made mistakes. Each and every time that little voice said “oops! something is off” we didn’t stop to take control of making it simple. We just thought “nope – we outsourced it so TRUST the process.”

I’ve learned not to confuse trust with keeping projects in line with our company Complicatedmission and values (yes, one of which is…SIMPLICITY RULES!) I can trust the people involved, AND, things can still get off track so it’s up to me to keep it…ON TRACK.

I’m still amazed at how even with the intention of simple – life gets complex.

So treat simple with respect. And life will grant you drama-free days. (now, I shall go put that on my mirror and repeat it 108 times!)

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