Calling female movers, shakers and business rule breakers!
Are you ready to take your next step to become the leaders you're meant to be?



IF you're feeling locked or blocked in your business or career...
Or the weight of keeping up with your expectations...
Or the struggle to match your title with what you've accomplished...
Or others see something in you you don't yet see in yourself...'s time for you to come to the only
Leadership Summit designed with you in mind.


Women's Leadership Summit

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What is Camp CAS Women's Edition? A conference or summer camp?

It's NOT a bootcamp.
It's NOT a networking event.
It's NOT speakers selling their stuff.
It's NOT a Vacation. It's NOT a fancy spa day.

It's an Experiential Leadership Summit.

Even the BEST Women's Leadership Conferences today follow the old format of Teach and Take Notes - Keynotes and Panels - Network and Get Inspired. And there is nothing wrong with the format, but it does not help YOU learn the finer aspects of YOUR leadership. And in today's business environment, we need so much more than to be inspired by Other Peoples Successes (OPS).

The world does not need more Leaders who know about Leadership. We need leaders who embody their message and mission so that they can lead us through times of uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity. This type of leadership is not taught. It's learned. It's studied. It's experienced.

Camp CAS - Women's Edition is designed to build on your success. This is not just a touchy-feely, feel good cheerleading fest. Camp is here to help you challenge yourself to your next level of success - however you choose to define that.

Our Focus for Camp CAS - Women's Edition to build bridges between the "how-to's" (strategy and tactics) of business with the "who-does" (that's you!). We are committed to changing the conversation about "Women in Business" from merely spouting disparaging facts and figures to helping you master the navigation of your own business or career so that you can make the impact you are here to make. To that end, we design Camp CAS to be a mixture of business development and personal growth and leadership.

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Why "Women's Camp"? Why not co-ed?

Well, here's a truth: When you put powerful women together, amazing shit happens. And we're putting powerful women together.

And, another truth: Women face unique situations and circumstances in business. We want you to join us in changing the conversation about "women in business". Currently, it's far too full of whining, blame and victim mentality - and that's not you. When you truly know and embody your own value and worth, you are able to build your trusted and loyal network and team - and that is what makes you unstoppable!


A common story people share with us is:

I've accomplished a lot. I am pretty smart and have status. I am a trusted member of my community and I'm dedicated to my work and mission. In fact, there are times I get my job done faster than expected so I feel like I'm always on the move in my career.

And then someone comes along and suggests I "should lighten up" or "go play" more..."take it easy for a while."

It makes my blood boil. I am busy making an IMPACT on the world and focusing on my business. Play? That's so, who has the time when my life already demands 18 hours a day of upbeat motivation and attention?

On top of it all...I'm a WOMAN in business. I have to work so much harder for respect and to keep my status. If I start on a track of personal development, people will definitely think I'm "woo-woo" and I'll never get another job.

And the follow up story they "forget" to share is:

But one day I woke up too exhausted to lead. I told myself I'll rest...just for a little bit and then get back to it...

But the next day was the same. And the next. The motivation was just gone. I was just too tired to care anymore. I looked back over my life and realized I really was focused on the wrong thing. I have been so focused on others...and the problems in this world...that I just got burnt out! I want to be part of the solution!

Does that ring a bell?

Maybe you feel sick. Maybe you're developing strange symptoms - a rash, asthma, digestion problems. You can't even remember how you were ever THAT motivated before. But you don't want to complain and those you suck it up and keep moving on.

Okay, Okay...maybe this isn't you...yet. But you've heard about it from other women, right? Don't let that SOMEDAY be you. You want to get aligned with your business now before the stress and uncertainty take it's toll on your health and well being. Learn what's really stopping you from the success you're after.

So BE Different.

You're  already different because you know it's the times you detach from your daily grind that you get your next big insight. Why do we get the great ideas when we are in the shower, or playing with the dog?

It's because much of your brain is resting and you are freed up to wander and explore new be come up with the solution that has baffled you up to this point.

Camp CAS Women's Edition is the perfect blend of challenge, personal exploration, activities and relaxation - all around like-minded women in business.

Get Curious. Stay Connected. Be Confident.

Camp CAS Benefits:

Each day is designed with your growth in mind. While there are always activities to keep you occupied, you can exercise your option to reflect and relax in groups or by yourself.

The days end with gatherings around the campfire to share, roast marshmallows and learn from your experience. Camp is a new environment that will provide you new opportunities for success.


To be a Woman of Influence you must first look at the influencer…that’s you. And the world does not need more leaders who know about leadership. We need leaders who can help us in times of uncertainty, amidst the chaos and through the change. To develop that kind of leadership takes knowing yourself at a deep level. No one will follow you where you are not willing to go yourself.

Ignite your influence so you can fast track buy-in to ideas, run effective brainstorming sessions and empower others to take action.

You’ll remember how to get results faster, with less effort.

At Camp CAS, you’ll CREATE Results…not just absorb more information.

Camp CAS is an experiential event. It is designed to help leaders like you overcome the FEUDs (Fears, Exhaustion, Uncertainties and Doubts) you face as you build your next adventure.

Camp CAS Activities

Camp is a blend of business building workshops and activities. The mornings are set aside to get down to business. Through interactive talks we explore how grow ourselves and our business to the next level of success.

The afternoon gives way to camp activities like archery or slingshot competitions, arts & crafts, jewelry making, team building games…we’ve even been known to explore hand-to-hand combat and the art of self-defense.


When you’re the boss, it’s hard to find people that challenge you to grow. Sure, people may challenge your ideas…or you feel like they always are…but most will end up doing what you say because…you’re the boss!

At Camp CAS, you’ll face personal and group challenges in which you’ll learn your deepest assets and how they serve you. Knowing your wired in nature will allow you to carry yourself with grace, ease and compassion during even the toughest times.

The truth is, camp creates life-long friendships and business teams. Women’s Camp brings together top-tier movers and shakers so you can explore your personal edge with like-minded women in business.

Over 3 1/2 days you are able to experience opportunities to learn from others, to share your own experience and wisdom and create your next business move.

Need help convincing the boss (even if the boss is you)?

Convince the Boss

Click here for talking points to help HR or your boss understand what camp is about

Click here for a brief slide presentation to help influence your boss

Get Curious. Stay Connected. Be Confident.

Is Camp CAS for me?


Are you looking for a promotion? Or wanting a raise?

Are you expanding your own business?

Are you waiting for your internal confidence to catch up with your external title? Or perhaps the opposite, waiting for your title to catch up with what you know you're capable of accomplishing?

Do you see that "special something" is in charismatic leaders? Are you craving to identify it in yourself?

At Camp CAS, we drop our titles at the door.  Whether you are a founder of a successful company...or a founder of one that hasn't reached the success you want...or are a leader in a company and have projects and people you want to drive forward...then Camp CAS is for you!

That said, this event is best suited for women that have direct influence over projects, staff or direction of the company.

  • Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Project/Product/Program Directors or VP's
  • Leaders in sales or cross-functional teams

Whether you are an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur...Camp CAS is for you! The commonality of our campers is that they want to expand their capacity to lead in times of change, ambiguity and uncertainty. They want to end the struggle of trying to match the internal confidence with the external title (whether that works for or against them).

We know that when we get powerful women together...amazing STUFF happens.

Camp CAS Women's Edition is a perfect blend of Building Business Community through experiential keynotes, activities powerful networking and Summer Camp - yep, arts & crafts, archery, climbing trees and lounging with new friends.

What others say about Cause And Success:

This past weekend I got to participate in one of the most rewarding events of my entire life! Camp CAS! I have so much gratitude for Heather Furby and her incredible vision and for all the participants.

Hilary Hodge - Exec Director Sierra Commons Business Ignitor

We learned about new and different ways to be a leader, to express our leadership, and actually experience it as well. Not just learn about it, but also actually apply it. It’s something I can take with me right into my teams and others I work with immediately.

Andy Sulak - Director

This is three years of leadership training in 3 days!...The guru-problem-solution model of learning will continue to have its place but for many of us, is clearly on the way out. The community-collaboration-open-space model where everyone is a contributing leader and things are made and bonds are formed and we all want more - that future is emerging now.

Alex Iglecia Being Epic

Some events send you home ready to change your life. Some simply change your life. Truly unique and high-level leadership conversation and immersion... There's no way I can sum it up so you'll just have to take the leap and go for yourself next year.

Dana Furby Strong is Free with Dana

This is a fabulous experience. It has expanded and shifted me in very deep ways. I can’t say enough how important it is to everyone to have this experience to really work on themselves and come to a stronger, better understanding of who they are and their place in the world.

Margaret Farman - Exec Director UCP North Bay

When I got the email about Camp Cause And Success, I immediately emailed and said, "I'm IN!" The idea of fun as a crucial ingredient to a successful business and life is one that has been on my learning curve for awhile now...

Jennifer Lacy

A Day in the Life...Sample Schedule and Activities

The day (optionally) starts with early morning activities to help you feel aligned and awake like Yoga, Tai Chi, Sweat Equity or Meditation….perhaps painting a pet rock for the artistic bodies.

You’ll head to breakfast and then choose from a full day of keynote talks, interactive workshops, gatherings and activities (arts and crafts, archery, puppet shows!). You can participate in anything or nothing. Some Campers like to kick back poolside with a book or take a snooze in one of the many shady, secret spots among the pine trees.

Each morning, Heather Furby, Camp CAS Founder, will kick off the day with a conversation about moving into a deeper awareness of your definition of success and who you need to be to cause that success to happen.

The evenings come to a close with celebrations, ceremonies and s’mores at the campfire - usually with a more intimate conversation with one of the many thought-leaders who are also attending camp.

Are you interested in leading a workshop or have a story to share? The first step is to register for camp. Then we’ll let you know about workshop opportunities and you can let your brain start creating!

Why You'll Want to be at Camp CAS

First and foremost because Everything is better at camp. Everything.

And we already covered that when powerful women get together, amazing SHi..STUFF happens.

And some of you want to know more. So here are some more really valid reasons:

  • Leave truly knowing what your next best step is for you own career or business advancement.
  • Be part of changing the conversation about "Women in Business" by stepping into your own authentic leadership role.
  • Permanently escape the roller coaster of motivation that seems to go hand-in-hand with leadership positions, and develop strategies for long-term, sustainable energy.
  • Strengthen vital connections with powerful women who, like you, are truly pioneering progress and understand what it takes to break through the barriers to growth.
  • Be a force in developing the next generation of women leaders.

Who Started Camp CAS?
And Why?

Heather Furby, Founder and Camp Director, could not take another "business as usual" leadership conference in an air-conditioned hotel. She knows you were not born to sit behind a computer taking notes about inspiration and leadership - only to have no idea how to implement once you get back to "real life".

She developed Camp CAS (Camp Cause and Success) Leadership Summit as a hands-on, activity driven and safe-to-experiment environment so that you can experience your unique style of leadership - without the pressure of day-to-day management of your team, business or life.

She now brings 20 years of success in business, including starting two companies, BodyLogic Health and Cause And Success, a division of Creative Age Leadership, Inc, a company she started with her husband, Alan Repech. Heather knows first hand the struggle, depression and feelings of failure that ensue when we focus too much on the HOW-TO's of business and forget about the WHO-DOES. short...she decided to merge experiential teaching of business strategies and tactics with the entrepreneurial vision and spirit of leadership and thus...Camp CAS was born.

Past Camp CAS Speakers

Some of our past speakers

Are there any rules at Camp?

Booo! No Rules! No Rules! OK...we have FIVE “strongly encouraged norms that, if not followed, may result in you going home early.” How’s THAT for modern day parenting?

  • #Hashtag Free

    #Hashtag Free means there is no social media. In fact, you can check your phone, tablets and other devices in the Decompression Zone. There is no cell coverage or wifi at camp anyway so it’s a perfect excuse to unplug. #Hashtag Free allows you to feel safe because no picture of you with a painted face, clown nose or leading the kazoo symphony parade will be posted. No reputation management needed at Camp CAS.

  • Title Free

    Title Free Environment means you get to drop your title at the door. We level the playing field at Camp CAS. You are free to be who you are, not what your title dictates you are supposed to be. In business, we rely a lot on titles and labels and we get accustomed to having them provide automatic positioning and status. But they also limit us. What is a CEO supposed to act like? What happens if I’m a Founder but my business is new…will people think I’m a failure? What if I’m an entry level admin but I know I am really worth more? Will people ever see me for ME?

    Title Free Environment allows you to let all success and failure drop away. And after all…is a Marketing Manager inherently better than a CTO at “Mermaid Tag?” We don’t think so.

  • Drug and Alcohol Free*

    Yes. We get we are all adults and a cocktail or cold beer can be a nice addition to your day. But we are Drug and Alcohol Free at Camp CAS. It allows you to really see who you are without the aid of any substance. It means you can dive into your true joys, passions, fears and obstacles without the filter of drugs or alcohol.

    *We understand that some people use prescription medications. This rule applies to drugs of the non-legal kind. We also know that some people can’t quit smoking overnight. While we encourage you to cut back, we will offer limited designated smoking areas away from the rest of camp. And we do believe strongly in coffee. Strong Coffee.

  • Age Free

    Age Free is just as it sounds. No talking about how old and wise you are, nor how young and full of energy, or how old and full of energy, nor young and wise…you get it. We often judge people by age and in truth, it just doesn’t matter. We cringe when we hear “Oh,  you’re so young…you don’t have to worry about that…” or “You have so many years of experience, you must be an expert.” So, at Camp CAS…we drop age. We just ask that you’re over 18 (there’s a legal part to that…)

  • FOMO Free

    FOMO is Fear Of Missing Out. It drives so many decisions. Are we going toward what we want or just scared of missing out on the party? It usually holds us back so…we’re FOMO Free. This means that at Camp CAS you are always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing with the right people. How right is that?

Get Curious. Stay Connected. Be Confident.

Frequently Asked Questions
(And the answers)

Have A Question? We have answers.

When should I arrive at Camp? +

Camp Registration opens at 3pm on Thursday, April 7, 2015. Dinner will be served at 6:30pm. We really want you to arrive as close to 3pm as you can because then you have time to settle in, create a pet rock, not talk about what you DO in the world and start BEING the person you BE.

We suggest you plan flights to arrive into Sacramento no later than 12 noon or Oakland no later than 10am.

What if I can't arrive until late Thursday or on Friday? +

We know life happens and you’re busy. We encourage you to do what it takes to arrive by 3pm on Thursday. However, if that is truly impossible, then let us know and we’ll do our best to arrange a late arrival. We do go to bed at a reasonable hour so if you can’t make it Thursday evening, you’ll most likely get to arrange a place to stay and come in early Friday AM.

When does Camp end? +

We’ll wrap up on Sunday just before lunch time – which at Camp is about 12:30-ish. There WILL be lunch served if you want to stay, but the formal program is over. We ask that people vacate the camp by 2pm.

We suggest you plan flights out of Sacramento after 4pm or Oakland after 6pm.

How do I get to Camp? +

There is parking for 40 vehicles at camp. We may also run a van or a bus from the Bay Area and Sacramento depending on needs. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in transportation. Send us an email.

Where will I sleep? (Lodging) +

We’ll be rockin’ the cabin sleepovers! There are heated cabins and a few cottage upgrades. Each village has 3-4 cabins and each cabin will have 7-10 campers. Each cabin as one single bathroom and a shared bath house just outside.

Del Oro Cabin StepsDel Oro bunks Del Oro Cabin

Can I sleep with my partner/spouse? +

This is a women’s camp. If you are registering with your partner or spouse, we encourage you to request separate cabins. It’s so easy to drop into out patterns of judging ourselves or our partner and that sort of defeats the purpose of camp. That said, we’re not going to force you to do or not do anything and camp IS more fun with people you know. So you can request and we'll do our best.

Can I request to be with my friends throughout Camp? +

Yes…but…do you really want to? There is a place to request a bunk or cabin mate during registration. We still encourage you to let the universe take charge and put you in the right cabin with the right people…but we totally get the sleepovers are even more fun with your buddies so request away!

What do I need to bring? +

We’ll send a complete packing list once you register, but you will need to bring bedding or sleeping bag (unless you upgrade to a cottage), towels, comfy clothing, swim clothes and camp-stuff – flashlights, costumes that move your spirit, stuff to give to your new friends, books you’ve been meaning to read…

What is the food like? +

It’s called “upscale camp food”. There is a full kitchen staff and chef on site and they are very excited to create menus for adults. There will be options for all eating needs and we’ll be collecting that information from you after registration. We plan the food to be equal to or better than what you’d eat on a quick night out. There is always dessert. That said…be flexible? It’s Camp!

What are the camp rules? +

Booo! No Rules! No Rules! OK…we have a FIVE “strongly encourages norms that, if not followed, may result in you going home early.” How’s THAT for modern day parenting?

#Hashtag Free Zone
Title Free Zone
Drugs and Alcohol Free Zone
Age Free Free
FOMO Free Zone

Click here to read these “Rules” as explained above.

Do you need volunteers? +

Yes, please! If you are so moved to volunteer at camp, we can reduce your tuition accordingly. (That means, the more work you want to do, the less you pay). Specifically, we need a few photographers, some activity set up/clean up people, a couple cabin counselors, some pre-camp communicators, sound technicians, musicians, artists to make signs…or what do you have to offer? Click Here for more information on volunteering.

More answers coming soon... +

Let us know if you have more questions and we’ll come up with more answers.

See you at Camp!

Get Curious. Stay Connected. Be Confident.

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